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Women's Health in Rochester

Dr. Tara Flor continues to research women’s health issues and educate in the Rochester, NY community on topics including hormonal and menstrual cycle shifts throughout the perinatal period and beyond. Dr. Tara believes having knowledge of your body as a woman gives you power and control over your health and well-being.


Chiropractic care increases nerve supply and blood flow to the reproductive region, optimizing its function and reducing pain and tension related to some common conditions like endometriosis, menstrual-related pain, tailbone pain, and pelvic pain.

The increased nerve supply and blood flow is also a helpful tool during pre-conception. Yes, chiropractic care supports the body to accept pregnancy and helps enhance fertility by optimizing the function of the reproductive structures.

Book an appointment today with Dr. Tara Flor in Rochester to explore a natural, tailored solution to your women's health issue.

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