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Postpartum Care in Rochester

The birth of a new baby brings the birth of a new mother. The first few weeks and months after having a child bring a lot of change -physical and emotional. This is often when women need body work the most. Between feeding positions, carrying, lifting, bending, and recovering from childbirth, women often experience a myriad of physical symptoms like wrist pain, neck and shoulder aches, low back pain, sciatica, and foot and heel pain.


Chiropractic care activates the nervous system in a calming way, targeting the stress and anxiety felt during the postpartum period. Receiving postpartum chiropractic care (and body work in general) is extremely important in helping regulate nerves and stress response. In addition, increased ease of movement and relief of pain and tension can help with your well-being and mood.

Book an appointment today with Dr. Tara Flor in Rochester to experience how chiropractic care can benefit you during your postpartum journey.

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