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Pediatric Care in Rochester

As an ICPA chiropractor, Dr. Tara Flor works with little ones often. Growth for an infant happens quickly, often daily. This means the body is constantly trying to catch up with the brain learning new stimuli, new sensations, new motor skills, facial and special recognition, and more.


Being a baby is hard work. Infants are exposed to stressors during labor and delivery from obvious mechanisms. Furthermore, learning a new world and new faces can be overwhelming.


Chiropractic care stimulates the nervous system into a relaxed state, allowing the “tone” of the nervous system to regulate other body systems. And a calmer nervous system will improve digestion, including reflux and colic, promote even temperament, and encourage productive sleep patterns.

Infant chiropractic adjustments gently increase neck rotation and mobility and release jaw tension. This helps with torticollis, head tilt, and restored strength in baby's latch for productive feeding  patterns. Skeletal and muscle growth in babies happens rapidly; chiropractic care for children promotes healthy development and the meeting of milestones by gently restoring mobility in their movement patterns. 

During a chiropractic adjustment for your infant, Dr. Tara uses gentle pressure of the fingertips as well as vibration, massage, and mobilizations to restore joint mobility, relieve tension on the neck, skull and pelvis to restore nerve function. Book an appointment today with Dr. Tara Flor in Rochester.

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